"Believe it, you're capable of doing incredible things"

DKside is a jewelry brand founded in 2020 by a young entrepreneur, Adri.
He saw the need to create a brand that would truly identify all jewelry, fashion and art lovers. So he began to design and devise an exclusive collection of jewelry.

Why we started?

We know that each person has a unique potential and radiance.
Be yourself; you don't want to look like anyone. You are unique and this is what makes you special to the rest. Believe it, because we believe in you.
So, We have created this project to make you feel incredibly unique with our pieces and bring out all this glow that you have inside you. Our moment is now.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to create a simple business.
We want to create a community that is committed to change. An environmentally conscious society.
We want to create a family of people who see more out of life. We aim to be the best and to offer unique designs that are different and ahead of the curve.

Let's be the change

If you buy a DKside piece. You are betting on change. We have created a totally sustainable packaging, made with eco-friendly materials and without plastics. In addition all our jewelry is nickel-free.